Gay porn production company Titan Media has announced that they have sued the author of a couple of popular porn blogs as well as 21 John Does who apparently uploaded Titan films to various one click hosters or streaming video websites.

The lawsuit singles out a Californian who called himself MikeyG on the net and operated at least two separate gay porn blogs that featured content from Titan media. AVN quotes Titan president Keith Webb saying:

"People need to realize that nothing they do online is anonymous. Every single posting, upload, download, or page view is tracked and recorded, and can eventually be traced back to the individual. (...) If you steal Titan Media property, we will identify you and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law."

Titan announced that they subpoenaed various file hosters to get the identity of the uploaders in question. The lawsuit itself doesn't deal with P2P users, but it could be the start of a campaign that will eventually be extended to Bittorent and other file sharing networks. A few studios of the porn industry recently came together in Los Angeles to discuss strategies against online piracy, and some of them apparently want to follow the example of the music industry and sue end users.

Ironically, it looks like Titan Media is about to learn some of the lessons the record labels have been struggling with the hard way. At least one of the blogs that MikeyG used to operate has recently been taken over by folks from Brazil who now continue to distribute unauthorized porn downloads outside of the reach of US courts.

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