The social TV download guide Tape It Off The Internet (TIOTI) will finally open to the public tomorrow. As one of the first sites to combine online TV with social recommendations, wiki features and tagging, TIOTI got some rave reviews when it first appeared late last year for a private beta test. The fact that it offered easy access to torrent downloads of your favorite shows didnít hurt either.

Now TIOTI is back with a refined design and a bunch of new features. Of course, TIOTI isnít the only one trying to reinvent the TV guide in the age of the Internet. Sidereel launched with a similar concept this spring, Locate TV just opened up today, offering its users a more Google-like experience, and TV Guide itself has been revamping its website. So how does the new TIOTI stack up against the competition ó and how does it walk the delicate line between torrents, TV networks and the world of YouTube & Co.? Continue reading at

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