CBS blew us away with a groundbreaking new idea for TV syndication on the net this week. The network will make its entire 60 Minutes show available as a free podcast. As an audio podcast, to be precise.

Now some of you might ask: Why on earth would anyone want to listen to that? And isnít the fact that a TV show works just as well as an audio-only version proof that it shouldnít be on TV, but rather on the radio in the first place? Thatís true, and something every video podcaster should meditate on before producing the next Rocketboom.

Come to think of it, maybe the other networks should follow suit and release audio-only podcasts of their programming as well. Sure, they can still roll out their fancy Windows Media DRM-protected video-on-demand services. Just give us the audio podcast too. You know, for those days when you really canít stand the idea of seeing Bill OíReillyís face. Continue reading at

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