Told you so. Here is what I wrote back in November about

"You can't force people to be part of a community. Sites like Digg or Reddit have been building their community organically. They started small and reacted to the wishes of their users. Netscape on the other hand tried to convert millions of existing users to a new, unproven model while at the same time trying to attract new and technical more savvy users from other social bookmarking platforms. As a result they have been both too radical and too tame at the same time - and eventually poised for failure.

Could Netscape have succeeded with a different game plan? There were obviously some other options. Starting an AOL-owned collaborative filtering platform with a new name was one of them. Carefully introducing bookmarking and filtering options into the existing framework might have been another. But with Netscape set up like it is now and Calacanis leaving AOL we'll probably never know."

By the way, sorry for the long silence on the blog here - the recent LA heat wave knocked out the power in our neighborhood for three days straight ...

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