The EFF reminds us that it has already been four years since the RIAA sued the first batch of P2P users. They commemorate this event with a long paper about those four years, and what can I say? It's a trip down memory lane, starting with the lawsuits against a few college kids who offered campus wide file search engines to the ill-fated amnesty program (maybe some folks from Albuquerque should read this part) to the lawsuit against a dead woman.

Ahh, good times. Except of course for anybody who has been affected by this shock and awe campaign in one way or anther. Or EFF lawyer Fred von Lohmann for that matter, who sounds like these four years have led to some seriously elevaved blood pressure:

"History will treat this as a shameful chapter in the history of the music industry, when record companies singled out random music fans for disproportionate penalties. Artists must be compensated, but these lawsuits aren't putting money in any creator's pocket."

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