The notorious Russian MP3 site is working on a comeback under a different top level domain. closed down in early July under the pressure of local authorities and western rights holders. The domain wasn't available for about a month and a half, but now forwards to


From the new site:

" has been relocated to it's native RUssian (sic) domain name,"

The site is still very bare bones and just features some news items on the front page. Click through to any of the blog entries, and you end up with a page layout that pretty much looks like the old All of the music blogs and reviews are already up again, and there even is a field to search the music catalogue. Searches do however end with an error message:

"Service Temporary Unavailable. Please try to reload page a bit later. Thank you for your patience."

Allofmp3 seems to be serious about reopening, at least if you believe this recent blog entry:

"The service will be resumed in the foreseeable future. We are doing our best at the moment to ensure that all our users can use their accounts, top up balance and order music. "

Of course, Allofmp3 was never really gone. The site owners launched two sites under new names back in April to prepare for a shutdown, and both and seem to do just fine.

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