This sounds like a story straight from the department for dubious research: A market reseach company called Ebizmba, sorry, eBizMBA claims that online video and porn sites are more popular than Torrent websites. Okay, this part actually does sound somewhat believable, especially in light of recent measurements showing that P2P traffic has been overtaken by HTTP-based video data aka Youtube.

The story does get a little murky though once you take a look at eBizMBA's methodology. The research company took a whole bunch of freely available data and somehow mashed it together to rank video, Torrent and porn sites. The winner obviously is - wait - Metacafe?

From the website:

"Which is more popular on the internet, Porn, File Sharing, or Video sites? We wanted to know so we choose to take a look at traffic data from the top 5 sites in their respective categories to determine the victor. (...) To insure a fair fight we decided to remove YouTube from the fray because of the obvious traffic advantage they get from being a part of Google Inc."

Riiiight. eBizMBA also ranks higher than The Pirate Bay, but slightly below Mininova. Of course one could argue that most Torrent sites have enough porn to make the distrinction between adult and video / Torrents obsolete.

And is it just me or does anyone else have a the weird feeling that those porn sites are picked very much at random? I for one have never even heard of But eBizMBA thinks they are more popular than The Pirate Bay ...

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