Liz over at Newteevee is reporting that Bram Cohen used his keynote at the VON New Video Summit to diss Joost. Newteevee quotes him saying:

"Joost is kind of a quirky thing, it’s fundamentally based on the channels concept, which, like I’ve said, is kind of an old media way of doing things…"

Bittorrent VP Eric Patterson on the other hand seems to like the old media ways of doing things. Patterson announced that Bitorrent will start to distribute ad-supported TV content in a couple of months, according to, who has him saying:

"We see us moving to an advertising-supported model at the end of the year so people can consume TV shows in the same way they consume programs on television."

Finally, Cohen also bashed Windows Media DRM, according to Informationweek, who quotes him with the following:

"We are using Windows DRM because it is the only solution that has been vetted widely, but we are not happy with how it affects playback from a technology point of view. It sometimes makes playback not work."

Of course that's not too good from a consumer point of view either - especially considering the fact that some users might experience playback problems with about 25 percent of their catalogue. But I guess that's just the new media way of doing things.

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