Today's the day: Windows Vista is finally being released, and millions of eager computer users will run to Bestbuy to grab a copy just stick with what they have, just as they have done before.

Of course new PCs will be equiped with Vista from now on, so we'll see some new technology reach the marketplace eventually. Part of it will be Vista's integrated P2P networking. Vista offers functions like People Near me to discover and eventually collaborate with other Vista users in your own subnet.

I know, I know. Sounds like Bonjour, doesn't it? Well, People Near Me might now be that original, but Windows has a far bigger market peneration than OS X - and there is a ton of P2P developers for Windows out there that might use this for some interesting new close range applications.

You'll find a more general overview about Vista's P2P technology at CNET and some example code at

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