You can never have too much exposure, right? That's what Lionsgate tought when they sent tons of Crash DVDs to possible Academy Awards voters last year. Apparently they were right: Crash got the prize for best picture, and the Brokeback Mountain folks cried foul. published an interesting article about piracy and The Oscars yesterday, digging deep into the numbers. One of his findings:

"On average, a screener appears online 24 days before it's received by Academy members."

Of course there is no such thing as too much exposure for P2P technology itself - which is why Om Malik believes that Adobe's cooperation with VeriSign "is a way for P2P to really really go mainstream."

Finally, New Music Strategies thinks that there is enough exposure for unsigned bands already. From a rant worth reading:

"We need another new website that promotes unsigned bands like we need a hole in the head. Come up with something clever, by all means but if you plan to just build a community where unsigned bands can showcase their music to an audience hungry for new sounds, then forget it. The audience is full to bursting, thanks."

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