The German performing and mechanical rights organization GEMA won a preliminary injunction against the free file hoster Rapidshare. heise online is reporting that the district court of Cologne ordered the injuction to stop Rapidshare from distributing GEMA-licensed music titles.

The business newspaper Handelsblatt is adding that Rapidshare might have to pay 250.00 Euro (about 320.000 USD) if it violates the injunction. It is unclear however how Rapidshare will react and how the injunction is supposed to get enforced. The company was founded in Germany, but has since relocated to Switzerland.

GEMA apparently sees the injunction as a prelude to further action against US-based music and video hosters. A press release of the organization quotes board member Harald Heker with the words:

"These decisions have enormous relevance for further dealings with Web2.0 platforms like Youtube and Myspace."

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