Some press releases are just too wacky to ignore: A UK-based company called came out with a release today that predicted the end of P2P and Podcasting within the next five years. Those trends would be superseded by the next step of the digital revolution. From the press release:

"This exciting next stage will be the age of GigaBulk Products - gigantic compilations of thousands hours of digital entertainment in one single and relatively cheap boxset."

You might have guessed it by now: Audiobooksforfree is marketing this futuristic GigaBulk thing already. Way ahead of it's time.

"A typical example of GigaBulk is a 9 DVD boxset containing over 600 unabridged audiobooks from - even if used very regularly, these would take between four and five years to listen to."

So there we have it. Who needs free personal on demand downloads of your favoured online radio shows if you can have a whole bunch of crap 600 carefully selected books with lapsed copyrights (read: all of them are more than 70 years old) for just 100 dollars?

It's kinda like saying: Myspace is just a fad - the future of networking are digital phone books. Way more contacts, and it all fits on one DVD.

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