Torrentfreak reports that Searching Unlimited Inc. bought the Bittorrent sites Bushtorrent, Demonoid, MyBittorrent, Fenopy, Snarf-it, Torrentportal and Torrentreactor. The admins of the sites supposedly got some stake in the company in return.

Searching Unlimited is run by John Gotts, who is also the owner of PCSafe Inc., an Anti-Spyware company. Gotts made big headlines earlier this year when he agreed to buy for a total of 2,86 Million US-Dollars.

Where is all that cash coming from? Gotts told Valleywag that he is backed by some serious money:

"His funding comes from angel investors, who are putting together a round of $30 million that will give them 25% ownership of Gotts's entire business. "They've been extremely generous with giving me freedom to do what I want to do with their money," he says."

So some anonymous investors are financing the takeover of Bittorrent websites with millions of dollars? Now this would be a story. I have my doubts about all of this, as do some other people, but we'll see how things will unfold.

Update: Snarf-It denies being part of the buyout:

"There have been reports in the media that Snarf-It has been purchased by a larger corporate body, this is in fact not true. We are currently in no negotiations and lack sufficient confidence in the organisation that is propogating this misinformation. In other words it's total bollocks, we're happy where we are."

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