The Guardian published an interview with Bittorrent's CEO Ashwin Navin yesterday. They don't exactly call him a pirate king, but a lot of the questions are going into the same, by now well-known territory. What about Napster? What about piracy? What about content protection?

Navin does however share a few more details about the history of the company and the ongoing negotiations with movie studies. He lets us know that they are "quite successful working with all the other studios" besides Warner. I guess that's all the big ones. Deals might not be announced until the launch of the new content delivery platform, which is scheduled for the end of this year.

My personal highlight from the interview is Navin speaking about commercializing Bittorrent:

"Well, let's just say that before I joined, Bram had a phenomenally successful T-shirt company. It took a certain amount of convincing to actually point him in the direction of a commercial entity."

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