There was a tiny little detail the folks from Mediaservices forgot to mention during their press conference yesterday. What's that, you ask? Well, only that is starting to offer their entire catalogue for free.

Allofmp3 started a new offering called "Music for Masses", which according to the International Herald Tribune will be officially introduced today. Music for masses gives registered Allofmp3 users the chance to download 128 kbps encoded MP3s files. The files are coming with the extension ".mp3x" and are using some special wrapper or custom header so they can only be played with the official Music for Masses player.

music for masses player

The player is free and kind of looks like one of those pimped-out Winamp skins back in 98. It does however need a constant net connection in order to play the songs.

Speaking of songs: Users can now chose the "free option" when selecting any track or album for download.

music for masses ordering

The IHT reports that Allofmp3 eventually wants to subsidize the free downloads with ads that wil be displayed within the player.

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