Techcrunch linked to Janus Friis' blog today, where the Kazaaa and Skype cofounder just wrote a few mysterious lines about his new venture, the Venice Project.

Friis apparently started blogging in July - if you call publishing headshots blogging. Anyway, he seems to enjoy the the whole thing so far. In his own words:

"I blog because I can… I have been wanting to for a long time. Meanwhile my life — like most entrepreneurs’ — has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Well, it still is, but now blogging is part of the ride. I see blogging as a chance to speak my part directly without interpretation from anyone."

This isn't the first time for Friis to try himself at blogging, tho. He set up a blog at in early 2003. Which in retrospect is quite a telling domain by the way. But just when things started to become interesting he stopped posting and erased all traces.

I wonder why he didn't feel like speaking his part directly back then? Oh yeah, right.

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