I know, I know. Alexa stats are guesstimates at best. Still, it's the only measurement publicly available, so people will continue to play around with Alexa and it's illegitimate cousin Alexaholic. Today I asked the Alexaholic oracle about Digg, Netscape.com and Reddit - and the result was quite interesting.

It seems like that Netscape.com is continuing to lose ground and traffic. Not only to Digg, but also to Reddit. Take a look for yourself:

Digg vs Netscape vs Reddit

Note how Netscape.com (red) is spiking when they introduced the collaborative filtering model in June - only to be set off by a much higher spike when Digg introduced new categories a few days later.

Reddit on the other hand is growing slow but steady and might be able to pass Netscape soon. The site has been getting almost as many pageviews (amongst Alexa toolbar users) as Netscape for the last few weeks:

Netscape vs. Reddit

The one thing that I don't understand is the big slump in Digg traffic in the beginning of September. It's somewhat mirrored in the Reddit numbers, but the Netscape curve is much smoother. Maybe it's back to school - and Netscape users are just older than the people who frequent Digg and Reddit?

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