This year's Wizards of OS conference was struggling with some technical and organisational challenges. Someone forgot to order the DSL line, the wireless network was pretty much nonexeistent, and there were some problems with actually showing some of the presentations and installations.

It was a good event nevertheless. Many familiar faces, some great presentations and lots of interesting discussions.

Wizards of OS

Those who haven't been there can now catch the official program by watching the panel and workshop videos that the fine folks from WOS have made available on their website. My own netlabel panel with John Buckman, Moritz Sauer, Sebastian Redenz and Olivier Schulbaum can be found here. Update: The video Olivier tried to show during his presentation can be found on Google Video.

I'd also very much recommend to watch the Open Spectrum panel, with Colt Telecom founder Robert Horvitz telling us why Telcos won't bring us innovation and Indonesian wireless activist Onno Puerbo explaining how his government was forced to release part of the wireless spectrum for unlicensed use.