This is neat: Some Austrian scientists have built a Tsnuami warning system by interconnecting hard disk shock monitoring data in a P2P fashion. Networkworld reports:

"As part of their operation, hard disks measure vibrations in order to keep the read-write head of the disk on track. These measurements can be read from some hard disks. The Tsunami Harddisk Detector captures this vibration data and shares it with computers in other locations connected via a peer-to-peer network to determine whether an earth tremor is occurring."

Of course the idea of using PCs for gathering seismographic data isn't entirely new. SeisMac uses the Macboook's motion sensors to display seismographic data on your screen. But turning this into a distributed application is actually pretty clever.

The Tsunami Harddisk Detector website is down right now - but it will be interesting to see how accurate the system is after all those Slashdot readers have installed it on their PCs.

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