Michael Robertson's music locker platform MP3Tunes.com announced new features for their free account this week. Users can now store up to one thousand songs for free with a total of one gigabyte of online storage. There is also a new basic account which offers twice the storage for 20 bucks per year. The 40 dollar per year premium account remains unmetered.

Free account holders initially weren't able to upload any music from their own computers when MP3Tunes started late last year. The only way to get music into your account was to "sideload" songs - a feature that allows remote archiving of music you find on other websites. Michael Robertson announced the new pricing structure on his personal website:

"Tens of thousands of people have signed up for lockers and our systems now hold more than 100 terabytes of music (a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes). This makes us the largest music storage facility in the world. It's a nice start, but still a tiny percentage of the world's music. So it's easy for you to get started we're making a free music locker available to everyone that holds up to 1000 songs."

I've tried the MP3Tunes locker early this year when they had just launched - and I must admit that I wasn't too impressed. The Firefox extension was buggy, oftentimes resulting in "unresponsive script" error messages. The iTunes integration wouldn't work at all for me, and the pricing structure - 40 bucks for a year instead of a low monthly fee - didn't seem too inviting either.

I ended up uninstallling the Firefox extension with the next browser update and haven't used MP3Tunes ever since. The new, free account might make me want to give this another shot tho.

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