IMehs has relaunched Bearshare as a filtered P2P subscription service today. Reuters has an article with some optimistic quotes from iMesh executive chairman Robert Summer:

"'Ours is a unique offering that addresses that massive audience of free music downloaders that the industry is trying to bring to heel,' Summer said."

Judging from the screenshots Bearshare 6.0 seems to be nothing more than a rebranded version of iMesh 6.0.

A few things strike me as odd tho. Bearshare 6.0 is available for download in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and German - even tho the music of their subscription service is only licensed for use in the US, Canda and the UK. Maybe finally someone recognizes my fellow German expats as a valuable target audience?

Also, iMesh seems to have relaunched the classic, unfiltered Bearshare software as Bearflix, targeting movie downloaders. I'm not entirely sure how Hollywood will feel about that.

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