Leechpack is soft-launching a new service to remotely download files from one-click hosters and torrents sites this week. The site offers similar services as Furk.net or BTaccel.com, but adds sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload to the mix, making it possible to download files from these services without jumping through unnecessary hoops.


Registered users of the service can simply add links to torrents or files hosted on one-click hosters, and Leechpack will automatically start to download the content to its own servers. I tested Leechpack with a number of files from different sources in recent weeks, and sometimes it takes little while until a transfer starts, but transfer speeds generally seemed to be very fast. The same goes for the actual download speeds once you transfer a file to your local hard drive, which would regularly max out my (admittedly not super-fast) DSL connection.


One interesting feature that sets Leechpack apart from its competition is that it automatically tries to find local matches for your content. Just enter the link to a torrent or file, and Leechpack will automatically suggest files that other users of the service have downloaded before, which are immediately added to your library if you're finding what you were looking for. However, that's a big if: Leechpack currently seems to suggest a lot of files that don't really have anything in common with the file you're trying to download.

Leechpack also uses its index of locally stored content to generate lists of recently downloaded files as well as most popular downloads, and it offers its users the option to directly search this index for keywords - a function that will likely improve as more people sign on, but that could also open the service up to huge liabilities. Then again, Furk.net has offered a similar feature for quite a while now, and it's still in business.

Speaking of business: Leechpack does offer a trial membership, but the service isn't free for regular users: Users have to pay 9.99 € (about $13.50) per month, which gets them 30 GB of traffic for downloads to their own machine as well as 30 GB space on Leechpack's servers.

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