Bittorrent client maker Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, quietly closed down its P2P porn site StudioHD late last year as part of a bigger restructuring process, according to a company spokesperson.


Vuze had launched StudioHD with licensed clips from a number of porn companies early last year. The site was promoted within the Vuze client, and paying users of StudioHD were asked to download the Vuze software to access HD porn movies.

I wrote about the launch of StudioHD for Newteevee in May of '09, and a company spokesperson told me back then that this was the first step to launch other premium offerings. However, it looks like those plans didn't last very long. The site was apparently canned in November. The fact that no one really noticed until now is probably a good indicator for the fact that StudioHD wasn't exactly a blockbuster success story.

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