Can't wait until the Boxee event next week in New York, where the company will not only unveil Boxee's beta version, but also offer a few more details about the upcoming Boxee box? Well, then how about some super-secret Boxee wire frames?

boxee wire frame

Okay, I'll admit it. That's not actually a wire frame for the upcoming Boxee beta, but part of the design process that led to the current alpha version of Boxee.

And no, it's not really all that secret either: Large parts of Boxee's current UI were designed by San Francisco based Method Inc., and Method's former User Experience Designer Jennifer Ng published this and other wire frames on her portfolio, where I discovered them today by accident.

Still, I find this type of stuff fascinating, and of course I wouldn't mind comparing this to some wire frames for the new beta. So if you got anything to share, send me an email ...

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