The passage of the EU’s Telecoms Reform package yesterday and a new survey from UK ISP Talk Talk cast new doubts about so-called “three strikes” copyright laws against file sharers, but that doesn’t stop Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairman Jim Gianopulos from suggesting that the U.S. need similar legislation. The European parliament passed a wide-ranging package of regulations for the member states’ Telecom companies. It includes an amendment ensuring that any measures that would cut off end users’ Internet access would have to be “fair and impartial” and offer a “timely judicial review.”

In the meantime, British ISP Talk Talk has reiterated why precautions like these are so important. According to a survey conducted by the ISP, only half of its P2P-using customers actually realize that they have file-sharing applications on their computers. Kids would oftentimes install P2P apps without their parents knowledge, according to the ISP, and hijacked PCs that share files without the users’ knowledge are apparently also more common that we’d assume. Continue reading on

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