One-click file hosting services relaunched with an interesting proposition this week: will host any file of up to 5GB for up to seven days for 99 Cents. Payments are facilitated through Amazon Payments. originally launched with free 24 hour file hosting back in August, but temporarily had to shut down because the service got too popular too quickly. "Visits came in from 157 countries and within the first couple weeks of launch we were already seeing terabytes of data per day," Scott Barrow from maker Media Hog told me.

Many other file hosting services have been facing similar issues in the past. Some have shut down completely, while others have been trying to sell subscription services to consumers willing to pay 10 or so bucks per month for an easy way to upload and share files.

So why did opt for 99 Cents per file instead? Again, Barrow: "We think there's a mass market proposition out there for an average user who has to send a large file to a colleague, friend, or family, but doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg and isn't ready to commit to some premium subscription."

He added that many casual users often need file hosting services in the eye of a crisis, and not as a permanent service. That does make sense to me, especially since I've actually been in that very situation myself. I had to send someone a 1GB video file, but the FTP upload wouldn't work. I ended up subscribing for a month to a file hoster, but I really didn't use the service much after that initial transmission. upload

I actually just tried, and it's a pretty painless experience, especially if you have an account (which apparently 98 million of you do, according to Barrow.) You don't actually have to register with at all, so all you need to do is log into your Amazon account, click pay, and the upload starts automatically. Here's the download page for the file I uploaded.

I could see myself using this occasionally, but I'd be a little more hesitant than with a free service. Of course, that seems to be exactly the point of this offering. One has to wait and see whether these occasional use cases are enough to make a profitable business.

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