Networkworld has an interesting, albeit a little ill-formatted interview with founder Garry Fung, who offers a few interesting details about his site. Isohunt is currently getting around 30 million visitors per month, according to Fung, and its MySQL index is a whopping 30 GB. That's a lot of torrent data right there.

Still, he's been able to run the whole site with merely 14 servers, which kind of validates a point I was trying to make a few months back: It doesn't take a lot of hardware or capital to distribute the world's information if you utilize P2P. I'd love to be able to compare this with the number of servers it takes to run Hulu ...

Fung also has some thoughts to share on why he believes copyright owners should and eventually will work with torrent sites, including an interesting tidbit:

"The MPAA is suing us, but one of their members is working with us just like a normal copyright owner should."

Any guesses who this might be?

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