Maybe the Grokster decision didn't have that much of a chilling effect after all: Om Malik is reporting today that the Bay Area-based P2P startup Skyrider just received 8 million dollars venture capital. Skyrider is still in semi-stealth mode, but Om's description definitely sounds interesting:

"The big opportunity, Kozel says, is to bring the web-like ease to the P2P networks, and looking beyond video and music file sharing. SkyRider also has plans to apply P2P technology to user-generated content."

The company's website doesn't really give much more details. It sounds a little like they want to merge P2P networks with web-based search in order to offer keyword-based advertising, but that's just a wild guess for now. Skyrider does have a blog tho, and it seems like they could be onto something:

"The basic peer-to-peer networks that we are seeing today will rapidly evolve in the coming months and years and merge with the web. When YouTube serves over 100 million videos a day and when tens of millions of MySpace users can not communicate directly with tens of millions of Facebook users, there is simply no other option: p2p and the web architectures will merge."

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