Germany's Constantin Film, known internationally for movies like Resident Evil and The Baader Meinhof Complex, was able to get a preliminary injunction against Swiss-based one-click file hoster Rapidshare. Constantin Film had previously asked Rapdishare to make sure that its newly released Geman flick "Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht!" doesn't appear on its servers. Maria leaked nonetheless, and Constantin sued. A German court now ordered the hoster to keep the movie off its servers or otherwise pay unspecified fines.

This isn't the first time Rapidshare has been defeated by German rights holders. Constantin was previously able to obtain two similar injunctions related to two if its movies, according to, and the German music rights group GEMA won multiple times in court against Rapidshare.

Users of the service tend to argue that Rapidshare doesn't have to adhere to German court decisions because the company is based in Switzerland. I asked Rapidshare about this during an earier court battle, and CEO Bobby Chang responded:

"Rapidshare operates internationally and does of course have some German users as well. That's why this decision is obviously of importance for us."

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