Okay, back to file sharing: File2.ws is a registration-free, Captcha-free one-click file hoster that should work well for Twitter, even though it doesn't exactly deliver the shortest Urls possible. The service is also restricted to files up to 15 Megabytes, so you won't share any movies with it. File2.ws does however have an interesting twist: It tries to embed any file in the best way possible, enabling what it calls to "(c)onvert any file into a public web site."


MP3s are automatically embedded with a Flash player that auto-plays once you open the page in question, pictures are displayed in full, PDFs are converted to JPEGs and code is automatically marked up in a way that makes the most sense for all you programmers out there. The original files can still be downloaded, so you're not trapped in embed-land. Now if File2.ws would only give users the option to embed those files into their own blogs, Scribd-style ... but I guess you can't have everything.

Check this list of file hosters for Twitter and also read my recent S4ve.as review if you're interested in other options to host files for your Tweets.

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