Social storage service is celebrating the one year anniversary of its beta test - no, not by dropping the beta label, but with a bunch of new features as well as a newly designed logo.

new logo

It's no coincidence that the new logo looks very similar to the one used by LaCie: The hard disk maker bought back in March, and the company is apparently working ona tighter integration of with its products. From the blog:

"While Wuala and LaCie have their own respective roadmaps, we also have strong plans to release joint products, combining hardware and software. (...) We loved the old logo, but we also love the new one, and we're excited to see it soon in stores and in many other places."

How this integration may look like becomes more apparent if you take a closer look at the new features that rolled out yesterday. The two most important features are sync backup and versioning. Paying users will now be able to sync any folder on their PC with's distributed storage, meaning that any new file in that folder gets automatically uploaded to the cloud. The versioning apparently works with a neat "time machine" slider, but it's also just available to pro members.

Both features do make a lot of sense to enhance LaCie products. Imagine for example you're buying a 1 TB network attached storage drive to use as a media server as well as a central backup drive in your home. If you're like most users, you won't fill up that terabyte immediately - so why not trade 50 Gb or so with Users will instantly receive a pro account in return and be able to securely back up 50 gigs of their own files to the cloud for no additional cost. That's a great feature for users that don't want to rely on one single backup, and it's a cheap way for LaCie to offer online storage.

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