The Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau (Antipiratybyran) has become something like the arch-nemesis of the Pirate Bay. The organization, founded by rights holders, has been pushing for the closure of the torrent tracker and other P2P community sites for years. In fact, its aggressive anti-P2P rhetoric prompted the founding of the Piratbyran, which later gave birth to the Pirate Bay.


So why is Antipiratbyran operating a site called with the tag line "we love the Internet" that tries to shine a light on unscrupulous anti-piracy enforcement efforts? Well, it's not, actually. Antipiratbyran's website can be found online under, but the group forgot to register or renew somewhere down the line. belonged to a US company for a couple of years, but recently changed hands and is now run by a group of Swedish net activists. This is how Google translates the about section of the site:

" is a consumer side to want to inform about the illegal practices conducted by the Swedish Anti-Piracy Office. We are concerned citizens in this way want to make our voice heard about what we think of these methods."

This isn't the first time Swedish activists are having fun with anti-piracy domains. The folks from the Pirate Bay briefly took over the domain to transform it into the web presence of the "International Federation of Pirate Interests" in 2007.

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