The Pirate Bay has been front and center of the blog and mainstream tech news cycle over the last month, ever since the site’s founders announced they had found a buyer. Hardly a day goes by without new and oftentimes conflicting reports about the impending sale. First it’s off, then back on. One day the site’s founders seem to get out of P2P, the next it appears they’re trying to take it to the next level. Also conflicting are reports about the Bay’s new business model. Is it weird and delusional, as Business Week and Torrentfreak surmised, or extremely innovative, as CNET proclaimed?

A European copyright association was so confused by all the back and forth that it already celebrated “the closure of the Pirate Bay” earlier this week. Sorry to break it to you, guys, but the site is very much up and running. Aside from that, however, hardly anything is certain. But we’ll give it our best shot at summing up and explaining all of the recent news, including the status of the sale, the way you’ll pay for your Pirate Bay downloads in the future and the odd tale of the court summons via Twitter. Continue reading on

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