The RIAA may have stopped its lawsuits against file sharers, but that doesn't mean there isn't anyone anymore trying to make a buck off of your media consumption habits: Starting August 1st, students of the Louisiana State University will face fines of 50 dollars if they're caught sharing files through the school's network, according to a report by the school's paper, the Daily Reveille. From the article:

"Sheri Thompson, IT planning and communications officer, said she understands a typical RIAA subpoena to be $4,000. (...) '$50 isnít $4,000 and isnít debilitating and going to be the difference between them being able to live their life fully,' Thompson said."

Of course, the irony is that the school is starting with these fines half a year after the RIAA abandoned its mass lawsuit strategy.

LSU registered 200 DMCA notices in 2008, according to the article. That means the school could make 10,000 bucks from going after file sharers. Not exactly enough to solve a budget crisis, but certainly a nice little bonus.

Maybe even enough for LSU staff to come up with its own resources about file sharing so that they don't have to link to Slyck and Zeropaid anymore. :)

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