Tired of all those Russian mp3 sites that use some odd legal loopholes to sell you MP3s for 10 cents a pop? Well, how about this for a new take on creative interpretation of the law: The Antigua-based music and movie site Zookz.com is offering DRM-free music and movies for 10 bucks a month without striking deals with rights holders, and instead referring to a WTO ruling that allows Antigua to violate US copyrights. The L.A. Times has more:

"Copyright holders say the WTO ruling doesn't give companies in Antigua a free pass to violate the copyright laws of Antigua or any other nation, or other international copyright treaties that Antigua has agreed to. (...) It's not clear what, in fact, the ruling would let Antiguan firms do."

It's fascinating story, which is probably one of the reasons why Zookz decided to use it as its legal defense. And Zookz is admittedly in a unique position: It may not be legal, even by Antiguan or WTO standards, but I don't think the Antiguan government would be too eager to enforce copyrights on the US' behalf right now.

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