Those Spaniards surely love their file sharing: Billboard is reporting of another protest against measures to curb file sharing in Spain. This time, around 300 P2P activists took to the streets of Madrid, where they protested in front of the ministry of culture. From the article:

"Hundreds of Internet users protested outside the culture ministry in Madrid to put further pressure on the government not to limit Internet "freedoms," such as unrestricted P2P file-sharing, nor to consider punitive measures against Internet users who download music or films without paying."

Spain has seen a number of smaller Pro-P2P protests in recent weeks, some of which were prompted by the country's music industry's measures against file sharing websites. The Spanish music rights group SGAE recently succeeded in shutting down the two popular file sharing sites and

Major music labels also sued the Spanish P2P programmer Pablo Soto last summer, and the case went to court last week. A decision is expected within the next few week. Soto is the inventor of Piolet, Blubster and Omemo.

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