I've had some problems with Technorati lately, but I hope this will help ...

Sorry for the confusion.

Update: It looks like it actually worked. Technorati started indexing my posts again. Not everything seems to be perfect yet, a few tags are missing and the site still claims that this blog was "updated 23 days ago".

Here's what I did: I sent an e-mail to Technorati last week through their web interface. I never got any response back aside from an auto-generated notice. Technorati's bot never showed up either. But a few days ago I noticed that searching for my blog on Technorati didn't result in any links to the "Technorati Blogs" section or other additional information related to the blog anymore. The site basically looked like an unclaimed blog.

So I logged into my Technorati account, where this blog was still listed as claimed and not updated. I erased that claim and re-claimed the blog through this item. Reclaiming was actually easier than I thought, Technorati remembered all the original blog tags. A few minutes later their bot showed up.

Now I'm crossing my fingers that he'll come back after my next post.