There's always been a lot of semantic hair splitting regarding the way people describe file sharing: Is it really sharing if you don't have to give up anything? Can you really call it stealing if nothing is missing?

Maybe those controversies can explain why the makers of took a very literal approach to file swapping: The site lets you upload a file - and gives you a random file in return.

pic of

The service seems to be up for a couple of years already, which could explain why the maximum file size for uploads is capped at 500k. Of course, the makers of probably also tried to avoid any rights issues with MP3s and videos - you just can't swap your Wolverine copy with this service.

It's still fun though, especially because the results are really surprising. The first thing I got from the server when I tried it was a picture that seemed to be part of a weird ad campaign for bread, of all things. Definitely not something I would have knowingly downloaded from a P2P network. :) Let me know in the comments if you find anything good.

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