Here we go again: German book publishers are tying to force local ISPs to block Rapidshare and similar websites through a controversial new Internet censorship bill. The bill, which received the backing of the German government two days ago, is meant to crack down on child porn with a centralized DNS block list that would include 1500 or so illegal child porn websites.

However, music industry representatives have already demanded that file sharing websites hosted in other countries should be added to the list as well. A representative of the German book publishers association (Boersenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels) used a media law forum in Cologne to add Rapidshare to the list of sites he'd like to see blocked.

"I don't see any other way than access controls to get to platforms like these that are based in foreign countries," said Boersenverein chief counsel Christian Sprang according to ISPs should charge their customers for the costs of instituting these block lists. Sprang also called one-click-hosters like Rapidshare part of the "Internet mafia", and complained that ISPs would finance these services with ad buys on their sites.

Rapidshare is based in Switzerland, but has in the past shown the willingness to engage with rights holders in Germany. The service has been processing take down requests, and there are reports that claim that Rapidshare has also cooperated with German law enforcement officials that tried to hunt down the uploader of an unreleased Metallica album.

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