I know you want to be the next Google with your P2Pwords advertising system. Your dream of making billions even made you buy an old bank office building in the middle of nowhere. That's all great, but can you please stop botching every new product release with completely unprofessional PR moves?

First there were those astroturfing attempts. Now you're releasing a new and supposedly phenomenal music metrics tool called P2Ppulse, and your press release reads:

"To take advantage of P2Ppulse and P2Panalytics, an artist simply goes to www.P2Pwords.com/P2Ppulse, provides a media file, six keywords and contact/billing information."

However, anyone who actually actually clicks trough to that URL simply gets a 404 error message. Whoops. You might want to fix that. (And while we're at it: How about publishing those case studies you've been promising for the last six months?)


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