Bittorrent hoster Prodigem got bought earlier this year by an unnamed Bay Area startup. Now we finally know who it was: Prodigem has started to redirect their customers and trafic to - a media delivery website that relaunched today. Movedigital offers superseeded Bittorrent downloads as well as mobile video streams. From the website:

"We're unique, a file is only charged as delivered after the entire direct download is complete. We also allow your audience to add bandwidth to your account, and we always roll over your bandwidth, so it's never lost."

The roll over option probably won't make too much of an impact, considering the contracts are yearly. The cheapest option gives you one gigabyte of storage and ten gigabyte of bandwidth per year for 10 bucks. Every additional gigabyte costs one dollar, and the next package starts at 101 dollars per year.

People interested in the service should probably compare this offer to Amazon S3, which charges 15 Cent per month per gigabyte for storage and 20 cent for each transfered gigabyte.

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