Nine Inch Nails mastermind and Bittorrent friend Trend Reznor is taking part in Digg's next Dialogg session, and users of the social news site are already compiling a bunch of interesting questions. The idea of a Digg Dialogg is that Reznor gets to answer the questions with the most Diggs, and P2P seems to be on everybody's mind when it comes to NIN. Here's the question that's currently leading the pack:

"Trent - you've embraced Creative Commons and file sharing, but your business model (aside from touring) still primarily involves selling music either digitally or physically. Why haven't you embraced advertising as a business model, e.g. placing ads on your torrent tracker? Why let Pirate Bay take all the ad revenue you deserve? Furthermore, why aren't you building a brand new record label based on a modern business model?"

Will be interesting to see what is answer is going to be. Proposing new and voting on existing questions is possible until Saturday, and the actual interview will happen on Tuesday, the 4th of April.

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