Bittorrent-powered file hosting service Vipeers has introduced premium services today in an effort to sustain the substantial growth it's been seeing since it teamed up with Mininova earlier this year.

Vipeers started off offering offering free and unlimited file hosting and seeding via HTTP and Bittorrent last November, but it scaled back the number of available HTTP downloads only a few weeks later because of overwhelming demand.

The new pricing structure still includes a free account with 5GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth for HTTP downloads. Non-paying users can store files up to 30 days, with the maximum file size being 1GB. Paid accounts on the other hand offer 50GB of storage for up to 90 days, with a maximum file size limit of 5GB and 50 GB of HTTP bandwidth. Paid accounts cost either $3.99 for 48 hours or $7.99 for 30 days.

Louis Choquel from Vipeers told me that the service has seen a lot of growth ever since it teamed up with Mininova: "Before the link from Mininova we had (about) 40 000 peers on our tracker and now we have daily concurrent users over 60 000 and seeing peeks at 100 000 peers." He added that most of the Mininova traffic is actual Bittorrent traffic and not direct HTTP downloads: "This is exactly the effect that we are seeking as it enables to serve files to more people, without increasing our bandwidth bill."

So what's in store for the future of Vipeers? The company has been merging its Bittorent hosting service with its Bittorrent-powered person to person file transfer service Podmailing, which means that Vipeers users can now use Podmailing with the same account information and vice versa.

It also means that the same service level restrictions apply to Podmailing, and there are some more updates coming up in the future to make Vipeers more appealing to people that just want to share files with a select audience. Says Choquel: "We are also far along the way to offer a new choice of privacy level so that you can share files publicly, privately or just with your friends."

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