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09/30 2010 | 07:26 PM
Posted by: Janko Roettgers
Two computer scientists have released source code for a tool that is capable of decrypting HDCP-protected video in real time, delivering another blow to a content protection system that is in use in most modern home entertainment devices. With it, HDCP could become an open secret. Continue reading on

09/27 2010 | 04:25 PM
Posted by: Janko Roettgers
The Wikipediaís Wikimedia foundation doesnít want to be a slave to high video bandwidth costs. Instead, it is using BitTorrent-based P2P technology to distribute the growing amount of video on Users can simply install a Firefox plug-in to help with the distribution of Wikipedia videos. Continue reading on

09/27 2010 | 04:23 PM
Posted by: Janko Roettgers
The British law office ACS:Law is know for hunting down file sharers. This weekend, it got into murky legal waters of its own after it accidentally published a number of internal emails on its web site, revealing names of alleged porn file sharers and more. Continue reading on

09/08 2010 | 02:22 PM
Posted by: Janko Roettgers
Switzerland-based anti-piracy company Logistep was handed a significant defeat by the countryís High Court today, which essentially bars it from collecting any evidence used in lawsuits against file sharing users. Logistep is now contemplating to leave Switzerland entirely as a response to the court decision. Continue reading on