The folks from the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) have just published a beta preview to Miro 2.0. The upcoming version of the video client is going to have a more streamlined interface that will make it possible to integrate streaming video sites like Hulu, and the software will offer some overall performance improvements.

One could wonder if that’s really enough to compete with iTunes or the recently revamped Vuze, but PCF’s director of business development, Jesse Patel, recently argued that the real competition for Miro are not other clients, but browsers. “The real challenge is to produce a better way of watching TV online through software,” he told me when we sat down last November at Newteevee Live. But that’s not the only challenge the Miro makers are facing. They’re also dealing with the difficult task of staying true to their open source and media reform ideals while staying afloat financially. Continue reading on

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