This is pretty ingenious: Brett O'Connor came up with a way to run Torrentflux on Amazon's EC2 web service, and he has posted a detailed description on his blog Torrentflux is a PHP-based Bittorrent client that makes it possible to download torrent data to a web server and then continue to seed files - all without without impacting your broadband connection. Or, in Connor's words:

"And the best part? My ratio is maintained while my Left 4 Dead games speed along without any annoying lag."

Torrentflux is usually installed on so-called sedboxes - servers that are solely used for downloading and seeding torrents. Seedboxes cost anywhere between 30 and 300 dollars per month, depending on whether you're talking about shared or dedicated servers and various bandwidth and disk space restrictions.

EC2 on the other hand is priced on actual usage. Running any software on these cloud servers costs as little as 0.10 dollars per hour, data transfers are anywhere between 0.10 and 0.17 dollars per Gigabyte, and storing all those movies Linux distributions is also not much more than a dime per Gigabyte.

Granted, the whole installation process is a little complex, even with Connor's excellent tutorial, but I'd imagine it's only a matter of time until someone starts a seedbox business with low, performance-based pricing based on Amazon EC2.

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