Al Jazeera has started to share some of its footage of the military conflict in Gaza under a liberal Creative Commons license that allows commercial reuse and remixing. The clips are made available as broadcast-quality MPEG1 downloads as well as streams. Al Jazeera’s Gaza footage is supposed to be the start of a extended Creative Commons depository that will eventually feature various Creative Commons-licensed clips.

The project is notable for two reasons: No TV network, to our knowledge, has ever allowed its audience as well as its competition to reuse any of its footage commercially under the terms of a Creative Commons license. The importance of this initiative gets underscored by the fact that Israel has been banning foreign media organizations from Gaza, which makes the Al Jazeera footage even more valuable. Continue reading on (And just to point out the obvious: This of course also means that he footage can be freely shared on P2P networks.)

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