YouTube has almost become a synonym for online video in recent years, but professional online video platforms like are dominating YouTubeís dancing babies, according to a new Cisco study. The company just announced the results of its Visual Networking Index Survey (PDF), which compared TV and online viewing habits in the U.S., China, Germany and Sweden. The survey finds that U.S. Internet users spend 2.5 times longer watching professional content as user-generated video clips on their PCs.

These results should be music to the ears of Huluís management, but the survey also shows that content owners have to play catchup when it comes to licensing their catalogs for overseas audiences. Germans spend twice as much time on their PCs and laptops viewing user-generated videos as opposed to professional content, most likely because there just is no yet. However, Cisco and other devices makers still have some work left to do, as well: Many Internet users around the world donít seem to be too excited about the prospect of online video on their TVs. Continue reading on

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