Customers of Verizon's Internet service don't need to fear disconnects because of the RIAA's new anti-piracy approach anytime soon. The music industry association recently announced that it has "agreements in principle" in place with a number of big ISPs to forward copyright notices to alleged infringers and potentially disconnect repeat offenders.

However, not a single ISP has so far acknowledged to be on board with the plan, and Verizon has told both Wired News and that it didn't agree to anything. Verizon spokesperson Eric Rabe told Digital Music News the following:

"The RIAA seems to be out there discussing these agreements, but we're not aware of it, whatever it is."

Rabe also stated that Verizon is not going to participate in any process that doesn't follow set legal procedures, like DMCA subpoenas. Just acting on behalf of copyright owners without any possibility of review or recourse would be a "wholesale short-circuit of the legal system", Rabe said.

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