French P2P start-up zSlide has just opened up the beta testing phase of a new Bittorrent client called Pump that combines content-aware web-browsing with the ability to simultaneously search multiple websites for torrents, direct downloads and streaming media. The client is currently only available for Windows and utilizes Microsoft's Internet Explorer for web browsing. It also features a media player for audio and video content.


Pump automatically searches Google for direct downloads of videos and audio files, Jamendo, Youtube, Legaltorrents and Mininova. It also offers the ability to get more search results from torrent search engines like Speckly and other third-party websites. More advanced users can add additional sites to search as well.

Pump is kind of a culmination of things that the zSlide folks have been working on over the last three years. The company is probably known best for its private, Bittorrent-based file sharing service Podmailing.

It recently opened a torrent hosting service called Vipeers in November, but was forced to scale back its Vipeers beta test in recent days due to abuse and presumably exploding bandwidth costs. The company also previously developed a white-label media player, which is clearly present in Pump. users can not only play back content, but also burn DVDs and CDs.

One of the more interesting aspects of Pump is that it automatically scans websites for links to torrents and directly downloadable media content, which is similar to the way the audio player Songbird treats MP3 links.

That being said, Pump is still clearly beta and occasionally surprises you with error messages or even downloads you didn't really initiate. The interface is also a little overwhelming, and one has to wonder whether Pump might almost have too many features. It's hard to get people to replace one program than they know and use, but contrary to what one might think it's oftentimes even harder to replace a whole bunch of them at once.

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